Hacktoberfest 2022: Win Swags for Quality Contributions

Hacktoberfest 2022: Win Swags for Quality Contributions

Hacktoberfest 2022 is ongoing and you must have started the contribution. Everyone loves swags in the developer community. Let me tell you some good opportunities to grab cool swags by adding value to awesome projects during October'22. Contribute quality, and Get rewarded!

1. Hacktoberfest

Contribute to any hacktoberfest tagged repository on GitHub or GitLab during October to win official Hacktoberfest swags.

  • 4 merged PRs will be eligible for swags

2. appwrite

There are different ways you can contribute to Appwrite. All accepted contributions qualify for receiving Appwrite Swag!

  • 1 contribution: Original Appwrite sticker pack
  • 2 contributions : Original Appwrite sticker pack Limited edition Hacktoberfest sticker pack
  • 3 contributions: Original Appwrite sticker pack Limited edition Hacktoberfest sticker pack Socks
  • 4 contributions or more: Limited edition Appwrite Hacktoberfest T-shirt Sticker pack Socks

3. Showwcase

Showwcase is the platform for developers to learn, share, and grow. You can produce free-to-access blog posts, videos, podcasts, and a variety of other content using shows.

You are free to develop any kind of show for this Hactoberfest and contribute low-code content.

  • Every new Show published for Open Source will be featured by Showwcase across Showwcase, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • All contributors will receive a Hacktoberfest-themed digital badge as a ProofOfContribution on their Showwcase Developer Profiles
  • Win prizes: Badges, Swags, Stickers, and Bragging Rights!

4. HackSquad 2022

Register to the HackSquad using your GitHub, Join a squad or get assigned to a random squad, contribute code and get Swag! Each squad can have a maximum of 5 members.

  • The top 60 squads will win awesome swag! around ~300 winners!


Camunda will donate to One Tree Planted for each Camunda challenge that is successfully completed; this organisation plants trees all around the world with a focus on habitat restoration.

You will have the choice of receiving the limited-edition Camunda x Hacktoberfest 2022 t-shirt if you succeed in the challenge.

  • Submit four (4) quality pull requests (PRs) to any Camunda repo including bpmn.io and participating* Camunda Community Hub repos.

6. appsmith

Code, Low code, No code contributions are welcome.

  • CODE - each accepted PR will earn you more coins.
  • LOW/NO - each contributed template is an entry in the Hacktoberfest contest. We will assign 36 total awards across multiple categories.
  • Go shopping! - Use your coins in our Swag to choose the prizes that YOU want. They will be prepared and shipped to you.

7. memetoberfest

An open source meme contest sponsored by daily.dev! Everyone can participate by raising a PR.

  • The 10 best memes will get daily.dev SWAG!

8. Hasura

Submit a PR for one or more of issues mentioned.Your PR will be reviewed within 2 weeks. If it is valid, it will either be merged or labeled as “hacktoberfest-accepted”.

  • A t-shirt and a sticker pack is sent to everyone who submits a valid contribution.
  • We’ll reply with a comment to your PR asking you to fill out an order form.

9. amplication

Amplication is an open-source development tool. It helps you develop quality Node.js applications without spending time on repetitive coding tasks. To help you get started, they have plenty of issues for open-source contributors.

  • Contributors making one to two valid pull requests will get an exclusive sticker sheet.
  • Contributors making three or more valid pull requests will get a choice between exclusive coffee mug or a T-Shirt.

10. ToolJet

ToolJet is an open-source low-code platform for building internal tools. With great opportunity comes great swag. Every valid PR is eligible for ToolJet swags!

  • 1 valid PR: ToolJet stickers and t-shirt.
  • 3 valid PRs - ToolJet stickers, t-shirt, water bottle.
  • 4 valid PRs - ToolJet stickers, t-shirt, hoodie, water bottle.
  • Additionally, the top 5 contributors will get a surprise gift this time!

11. novu

Contributions to open issues, write a blog post or make a tutorial.

  • Win a swag pack for just 3 merged PRs!

12. RapidAPI

RapidAPI is the world's largest API Hub, where over three million Developers find, connect, build, and sell tens of thousands of APIs.

  • Submit your application to win swags from RapidAPI.
  • We will choose the first 50 participants who complete the challenge as winners. These participants will receive swag from RapidAPI.

13. Devtron

In order to celebrate opensource with the community all across the world, Devtron is thrilled to collaborate with Hacktoberfest. Devtron encourage developers, DevOps experts, technical writers, designers, and anybody else with any experience to give their fair try at contributing to and assisting our open-source projects as we are an open-source platform.

  • Micro-Blogathon: 1st Oct. - 30th Oct.
  • Hunt-a-Bug: 9th Oct. - 31st Oct.
  • Art-a-Thon: 16th Oct. - 23rd Oct.
  • HackDiaries: 23rd Oct. - 31st Oct.

Multiple cool swags in every category.

14. QuestDB

QuestDB is a high-performance open-source database for time series. The project is built from scratch in Java and C++ with no dependencies and zero garbage collection.

  • If you successfully contribute one valid pull-request to any of the QuestDB projects listed, they offer an extra QuestDB T-shirt.

15. Invertase

Invertase and community partners who cares about open-source got together to run an exciting month for Flutter and Dart developers around the world, in addition to the main event which is run by Digitalocean. This month, you really need to focus on quality PRs to nominated repositories to earn one of our swag boxes.

16. Uno Platform

This year’s event, in addition to code contributions, emphasizes non-code contributions such as documentation, blogs, and advocacy.

  • 10 Quality Pull Requests – Uno Platform Sweater and stickers
  • 4 Quality Pull Requests – Uno Platform T-shirt and stickers
  • 2 Quality Pull Requests – Getting Started with the Uno Platform and WinUI 3 ebook.

17. Bagisto

The 3rd edition of hacktober fest is going to be organised by Webkul.This is the great chance to contribute your skills to laravel eCommerce project Bagisto. Now become a member of the fastest rising open source ecommerce platform Bagisto.

  • For every 4 PR that gets accepted, you can adopt Baggy The Elephant along with cool swags

18. Codedamn

Share your project with the rest of the world. create/modify your project into a mini course by adding challenges and instructions.

  • Win T-shirts and cash prizes.

19. DagsHub

Last year we notice that Hacktoberfest had very few contribution options for ML projects. This is why we decided to create a Grand Festival of Open Source Data Science and open two new challenges (more to come 🤐 ) for Hacktoberfest and also resurrect last year’s challenge. DagsHub has some surprising challenges for the ML community!

  • DagsHub will send swag to all participants who contribute at least 2 pull requests during Hacktoberfest.
  • If you make more than 10 pull requests, They will send a full swag package your way!

20. Medusa

Medusa Hackathon during the Hacktoberfest offers you free swag, great project opportunities and the chance to win $1,500.

  • Medusa Hackathon Tee + Hackathon Hoodie
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Some surprise Medusa merch 🎁
  • For Pre-sign-ups: Medusa tote bag

21. Meilisearch

Meilisearch is an open-source search engine built in Rust. Both team and community worked hard to build integrations with most of the popular development languages, frameworks, and deployment options so that Meilisearch fits seamlessly into most developer workflows.

  • They will not accept contributions to the documentation repo this year.
  • Issues will not be assigned to contributors: instead, the team will approve the PR that best solves the problem.
  • Low-quality PRs will not be considered.
  • Exclusive swags will be sent to every contributors.

22. mindsdb

We have prepared several categories of open issues that are ideal for first-time developers, low-code, and no-code contributors.

  • For every 10 points, you will receive one entry into the draw for the awesome Razer Blade 15 Laptop.
  • You can also win one of the 10 gadgets of your choice.

23. StepZen

StepZen is participating in Hacktoberfest, and you can contribute by adding a new integration or improving an existing integration in our Examples repository. Every PR to this repository will count towards your Hacktoberfest goals.

  • In addition to being qualified for the official Hacktoberfest, contributors will get StepZen gifts.

I hope you will add some value to the above projects/platforms and get rewarded for the same. Enjoy this October and win swags. This is a request from my side to not spam PRs for the sake of swags. Deliver quality.

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