DevBytes App: News Shorts App for Developers

DevBytes App: News Shorts App for Developers

"Stay Ahead of the Curve: Get DevBytes for All Your Coding News!"

Introduction to DevBytes

DevBytes is a popular Tech News Application designed for developers who seek to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements without compromising their productivity. The app provides flash-card updates, hiring news, crypto-watch, and other features in a compact bundle of just 6 MB.

With over 100K downloads and a rating of 4.7 on the Google Play Store, DevBytes has become a favourite among developers for delivering the latest programming and tech news in just 64 words. In this blog, we'll explore how DevBytes can help developers stay informed and up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of technology.

Features of Devbytes

News: Devbytes gives developers access to the most recent breaking news in the technology sector on a mobile app. The app covers a wide range of topics, such as programming languages, frameworks, artificial intelligence, and mobile and web development.

Tutorials: DevbytesApp offers a variety of tutorials in a single click. Numerous topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Go, and many more, are covered in the tutorials. Web development frameworks like ExpressJS, ReactJS, and VueJS docs are available for developers to learn.

Job Listings: Developers can find job listings where employers post open positions for developers. This functionality provides numerous chances for developers looking for jobs.

Swipe: You can swipe between news and job listings inside the app similar to Instagram reels or YouTube shorts. It's a cool feature and 64 words limit on each byte helps this feature work efficiently for app users.

Benefits of DevBytes

Keep up with the newest technological advancements and business trends to stay ahead. Do you want to learn about the most recent app release or find out if there is a new version of NextJS that can be downloaded? DevBytes will take care of you. DevBytes provides a news overview in only 64 words, you can receive news bytes anywhere in less than 30 seconds.

The Crypto Watch widget is also there to get updates about how cryptocurrencies are performing and it is helpful for blockchain and web3 developers or enthusiasts.

Personalized Content

DevBytes gives you the option to customize your feed in the app. You can choose your interests and areas related to technology to get news bytes related to them. It also suggests job listings according to the user's interests.

You can access the daily digest which consists of the latest news and updates in the tech world or the top trending news. You can also save any news shorts to read in future.

You can switch between all news and the personal feed tab and also refresh the news shorts from time to time.

Deals for Developers

On DevBytes, you can also get better deals with various platforms related to software development and programming fields. Like apps, tools and websites coupons, and discounts on paid platforms.

As you all know there are some paid tools and software for developers to create an app or manage the development process. DevBytes addresses this issue by providing discount codes and offers under a deal section inside the app.

Get Started with DevBytes

DevBytes app is currently available for Android devices only and works are going on its browser extension. Android app is very light and has responsive UI/UX even in the 6 MB app size. You can install the DevBytes app from the Google Play Store easily.

Install Link:

Chrome Exension:

Open this link on your Android Phone to install DevBytes App or search for the same in Chrome Web Store.

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Currently, the app is rated 4.7⭐ with over 100K➕ Downloads. The only coding news app with the highest rating on Play Store with 100k+ downloads.

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